The International Photography Festival, Israel’s largest photography event, will be taking place this year for the eighth time. The festival has long since become a well-established art institution that welcomes thousands of visitors every year.
This year’s festival will present dozens of exhibitions featuring leading photographers from Israel and abroad, as well as performances, video art, music events and more. The festival is the pinnacle of the year for PHOTO IS:RAEL, a non-profit, public benefit company established to fulfill its vision of social outreach, dialogue, research and the highlighting of artistic and social themes through the language of photography.

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PHOTO IS:RAEL is a non-profit public benefit company.
Founded in 2012, we work to fulfill our goal of a “better society through the language of photography” by promoting social outreach and a dialogue between art and various communities across Israel. Since its formation, the company has offered platforms for exhibition and research and has spotlighted artistic and social topics through the language of photography.

We believe photography is a universal language which transcends cultural and gendered boundaries and is understandable to all. It is a language which bridges the gap between the central and the marginal and between disenfranchised communities and the public at large.

Members Club


Members of the PHOTO IS:RAEL Friends Club are part of an intimate community which engages, speaks, thinks, and breathes photography and art. This community offers its members extensive and varied year-round activities, including a monthly meeting in which members meet with leading Israeli artists for an in-depth conversation about their work.

This community is the beating heart of PHOTO IS:RAEL and the contribution of its members is what makes the many activities and events that take place throughout the year possible.

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