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9th International Photography Festival
The Daniel Rowing Centre
Ganei Yehoshua, Tel Aviv ׀ November 17-27 2021


90 outdoor exhibitions that are open to the public / 15 indoor exhibitions / Meetings and events ׀ Guided tours


Festival Topic: Meeting Point


The International Photography Festival will serve as a meeting point for hundreds of talented photographs from Israel and the world who will exhibit their work together with thousands of participants from diverse communities across Israel. The works, which will be jointly displayed, will sound their voice through the language of photography, mutually empower and engage with the thousands of visitors who visit the festival every year.


The International Photography Festival, which is being held for the ninth time this year, continues to be the biggest festival in Israel and the only one in the world that provides a joint platform for social topics and fascinating works by photographers and artists from across the globe. We are delighted to present 70 photography exhibitions this year featuring leading photographers from Israel and abroad, as well as multi-disciplinary programming such as dance, performances, video art, music and more.


The festival is the annual peak of PHOTO IS:RAEL, a non-profit, public benefit company established to fulfill its vision of social outreach and dialogue between art and Israeli’s diverse communities. From the outset, the company has provided platforms for exhibitions, research and has shone a light on artistic and social subjects through the language of photography.


Throughout 2022, the festival will continue to gravitate towards the socio-geographic periphery and will stage exhibitions in additional locations throughout Israel.



Color TV, Queen Beds, Exotik Dreams | Hanna Rédling

Meeting Point | Open Call Winners 2021

2021 Festival

2021 Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography

2021 Festival


Canon Lecture: On Underwater Photography and Freediving


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