Odessa–Tel Aviv

The exhibition brings together three artists – Angelika Sher, Xenia
Sova (both originally from the CIS, and live and work in Israel),
and Yuri Leiderman (born in Odessa and lives in Berlin) – to prove
that growing globalization, the shifts in the demographic map,
or climate changes, cannot erase the imprint of one’s native
landscape. Despite the geographical distance and age gap,
under the cultural flag a unity is formed between the three,
comprising a mixture of symbols, myths and allegories, language
and humor, literature and theater, food, colors, textures, and
aromas that are not bound by time and place.

In Collaboration With The Cultural Brigade And The Eretz Israel Museum

Angelika Sher

Xenia Sova, Yuri Leiderman, Angelika Sher

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