Anat Botzer | “HMAVTA”- Death as the Last Home

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the deathward passage of his faithful servants.” -Psalms 119:19
Homeward-deathward. The passage towards death as one’s last home.
A textual and visual dialogue between the spiritual and the material; A visual roam towards death.
The speaker, the grandmother, is Tzvia Hatucha Kafra Nahum, a 90-year-old Palmach veteran who fought in the 5th Harel Brigade Regiment, a descendant of Yemenite Jews who immigrated to the Land of Israel in 1882. Her family settled in the caves of Silwan in Jerusalem.
The grandson built a small room, an enclosed space that is still open to the windswept landscape, a place which encapsulates a whole life full of memories.
The roaming daughter speaks to her mother: Could death be her last home? Is death safe, quiet, accepting, free of worry? Is it one’s “final resting place”?

Anat Botzer

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