Antique Pink | Ernst Coppejans

Antique Pink is a tribute to elderly members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Thanks to the struggle of previous generations and the emancipation that followed, LGBTQIA+ people in the Netherlands are almost equal to everyone else before the law. But their acquired freedom is fragile and the progress they achieved will not last automatically. There is still discrimination and violence against LGBTQIA+ people. Even in 2022, not everyone accepts that love, gender, and sex are fluid. LGBTQIA+ individuals who struggled for visibility and acceptance throughout their adult lives are known to sometimes “disappear” back into the closet once they end up in a care facility, where they can no longer choose who they live with. It is important – while we still can – to reflect on the rich life experiences of the generations before us.
Ernst Coppejans interviewed and photographed thirty portraits of LGBTQIA+ individuals aged 70 and above. As a member of the community himself, working on this project caused him to understand even more so atop what broad, courageous shoulders our generation stands. For this, he would like to thank all the heroes who were willing to participate by sharing their story. They are a true inspiration for future generations and it is thanks to them that the community is visible in society. And visibility is essential for acceptance.
The artist wishes to express gratitude to the Open Mind Foundation, the Amsterdam City Archives, and all other parties for embracing this project.

In collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in israel

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