This project is a collaboration between PHOTO IS:RAEL and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, presenting two exhibitions side by side; one includes works by ten Israeli photographers, and the other by four Slovakian artists, all of whom depict their interpretation of the theme – Call for Action.

The Time is Now

Curators: Eyal Landesman and Ya’ara Raz Haklai
Upper Photo: Eve Gronlund

Similar to the marketing world’s term – Call to Action – an instruction aimed to encourage an immediate reaction from a target audience, this exhibition calls for actions that will bring change in contemporary crucial issues, such as refugee rights in Israel and abroad, local and international environment affairs, particularly excessive use of plastic, treatment of animals, poverty and social inequality, and silenced health issues. Such issues and more are expressed in the photographs on display, which are exhibited for the first time. By means of a visual aesthetic, the participating photographers portray the immediate requirement for attention, with the hope of evoking within their viewers both a mental and a practical reaction.

Names of Artists:
Yael Lichtenstein
Pini Snir
Ido Halevi
Jacqueline Telem
Tali Nevo
Gabriel Leitner
Lior Kish-Shaul
Atalia Katz
Eve Birgitta Grönlund
Igor Zeiger

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