David Tadmor | White Silence

David Tadmor’s new series, White Silence, presents a world that is simultaneously precise and surreal. The use of infrared photography creates a mysterious and enchanted air and reveals sights unseen by human vision: Very dark skies in the middle of the day, white trees and a strong contrast between the photographed objects. The images are devoid of human presence and an atmosphere of subdued calmness surrounds them, yet they exhibit movement of a different kind, natural and raw. Looking at the images, you can almost hear the sounds of greenhouse coverings fluttering in the desert wind or the rustle of tree leaves. Tadmor’s dual observation shifts between familiar sights and their fantastic representation, shaking off their mundane grime and dust by creating for them a bright, sunlit presence. New and iconic Tel Aviv locations stand alongside deserted greenhouses and images of abstract treetops, devoid of any specific geographic context. Even the most identifiable sites seem to disappear in this series, which combines dazing beauty with disturbing and gloomy estrangement.

David Tadmor

Eyal Landesman

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