Dudi Tadmor | Local tourist

Dudi Tadmor’s series of photographs takes place in the gaping space between detailed hyper-realistic representation and the framed and disciplined architecture of centers of power. Tadmor wanders the urban large city, a place where human movement is most alert and conspicuous, and in spaces that have been visited to exhaustion – but in which, in the current reality, human beings are almost never present. In their stead emerge colorful, bright objects, full of details and textures that look almost like children’s games. The photographic medium as it is expressed in Tadmor’s series of photographs blurs the boundaries of scale, and mixes the viewer’s physical and familiar world, with the realm of imagination and fantasy. The high resolution and large printed scale of the photographs reveals details that are ordinarily hidden from view and causes the viewer to dive into the depths of the images. The old buildings of Tel Aviv, the empty church spaces of Jerusalem, and the perfect mix of items in the shop window of the Old City Market, are combined with questions the body of work raises – questions about the system of historical, cultural and aesthetic contexts that accompany a documentary and delusional process.

Etty Schwartz

Dudi Tadmor

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