Fleeing War: South Sudanese Refugee Life in Imvepi Settlement, Uganda | Matilde Simas

As part of Matilde Simas’ long-term documentary work examining different forms of human trafficking, this project focuses on exploitation as a consequence of war. In conflict zones around the world, women and children are exploited as soldiers, forced into domestic servitude, and even taken as sex slaves. Simas traveled to Imvepi, a refugee settlement in Uganda, where refugees go to flee the civil war in South Sudan. Millions fled the war’s atrocities, over 80% of them were women and children. Many find refuge in Uganda, where they face challenges such as limited access to food and water, poor sanitation, illness and forced marriage. By means of personal narratives and portraits, the project documents the lives of refugees in Imvepi as they try to survive the devastating impact of war.

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