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Daniel Tchetchik, the blog’s founder and editor, explains why he chose Bar-Lev’s series:
“Usually when you shoot skaters, you see the exercises, the movement and the impressive ability of many of the riders, sensational photos with flash and a lot of drama. Bar-Lev chose a different approach. He focuses on the passion for riding reflected in the eyes of the people who are addicted to the sport, to the small details, and to the urban architecture surrounding the skaters. Gilad Bar-Lev manifests a uniform language and advanced technical ability. For the most part, he works with analogue cameras, in large and medium format.

Aluf Benn, Editor in chief of Haaretz, on the Hasifa photography blog:

About seven years ago, Daniel Chechik, a veteran editorial photographer, approached me with a proposal to establish and develop Hasifa, Haaretz’s photography blog. His aim was to take advantage of the unique platform offered by the Haaretz website to present to our readers the best that journalistic photographers and artistic photographers have to offer. We set off, and the results have met our expectations and even exceeded them. Many photographers, including some of the most prominent names in Israeli photography, responded to the challenge and sought to take the opportunity to present their work on the blog. As a result, our readers enjoy exposure to the best of Israeli and international photography.

Gilad Bar-Shalev

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