Life in Bedouin Localities in the Negev – Between Documentation and Critique

The exhibition presents different perspectives of Bedouin photographers from the Negev, who document their day to day reality and their and their families’ survival efforts in various Bedouin localities in the Negev (both recognized and unrecognized). The photographers raise issues of identity, “otherness,” the status of women, transience, home, respect, tradition, aesthetics, objects, environment and social convention, from a point of view that is not orientalist or exotic. All of the photographers were born and raised in Bedouin localities, within the Bedouin society that, on one hand, maintains its unique tradition, aesthetics and character and on the other hand, is not detached from the society, politics, and the vastly different and dynamic conventions that surround it.

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Basma Abo Hoti
Sarah Shehda


The exhibition is sponsored by the Rahat Community Center and the Rahat Municipality


Marwa Abed El Kader, Sarah Shehda, Aiob Abo Madegam, Alaa Abo Aluon, Samah Samah Abu Galeon, Amani Abo Karinat, Basma Abo Hoti.

Drorit Chechik

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