Long Exposure | The 20 Finalists

The exhibition is in honor of JDC-Eshel’s Jubilee year. It presents a visual look at Israel’s older adult population while acknowledging one of the prominent social changes we are experiencing – the rise in life expectancy. This change is accompanied by previously unknown personal, social, and national challenges. The photographs presented are from the Long Exposure photography competition, which was held between February and March 2019 and focused on the growing life expectancy in Israel. The competition was produced by JDC-Eshel in collaboration with PHOTO IS:RAEL. It is based on the understanding that photography is a medium that can reflect existing reality while raising aspects and issues that should be addressed by developing solutions for the needs of Israel’s diverse older population.

572 photographers and photography enthusiasts, aged 16 – 90, took part in the competition and presented their view on a variety of topics: active aging, relationships, family, loneliness, happiness, despair, leisure activities, employment, poverty, hobbies, functional decline, birthday celebrations, multigenerationalism, multiculturalism, end-of-life and more.

The photographs exhibited in this exhibition were selected by a panel of renowned judges, including:
Alex Levac Photojournalist and Israel Prize for Photography recipient | Michal Chelbin International artist and winner of the Constantiner Photography Award | Oded Wagenstein Photographer and lecturer | Yaron London Journalist | Agi Mishol Poet | Maya Anner Chief curator PHOTO IS:RAEL | Eyal Landesman Founder and artistic director, PHOTO IS:RAEL | Yossi Heymann CEO, JDC–Eshel

Photographers: Bartzi Goldblatt, Tali Nachshon-Dag, Avital Hirsch, Alex Farfuri, Gilad Bar Shalev, Inbal Halamish, Ariella Zeidman, Daria Lapin, Nadine Kadur, Elad Malka, Meirav Marodi, Vera Tchernyh, Moshe Gross, Enrique Rottenberg, Yafit Ploznik, Yahav Gamliel, Omer Messinger, Noga Or-Yam, Shai Aloni, Assaf Friedman.

Photo by: Bartzi Goldblatt


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