Minshar For Art | Graduates of The Photography Department.

The collection of works presented in this exhibition are all part exhibitions made by graduates of Minshar Photography Department in the past few years and presented as their final projects. Minshar For Art is an Art school located in center Tel-Aviv which offers a four-year, comprehensive, and in-depth study program.
During their four years of study, students experience and exposed to a variety of photography techniques and styles in order to help them develop a personal language and style in photography that expresses their ideas, thoughts, feelings and opinions.
Students at Minshar come from a variety of backgrounds yet what they all have in common is the desire to engage photography in a practical way, artistically or commercially.
The approach to studies at the college allows the student complete freedom of choice to pursue any subject they desire. Accordingly, their works and projects deal with variety of topics and are endowed with different aesthetics and approaches: Exploring their personal identity, family, friends and spouses, the examining the body and matter, looking outwards to their surroundings, to the landscape and society all the way to using conceptual or abstract approach and theme.


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