Nadav Sarfati | The Space of Time

“I began photographing in 2009 and have taken a lot of photos since. I love photography because it doesn’t modify, because it’s sharp and precise. I don’t like it when a picture is blurry, so I make sure to stop and photograph without moving. The photos help me remember my experiences and memories.”
-Nadav Sarfati

Nadav Sarfati is a 27-year-old photographer on the autism spectrum. He began his photographic journey through PhotoTherapy – emotional therapy through photography. In these meetings we created a safe space that allowed him to explore his external and internal reality using a camera. Since then Nadav has been photographing his daily life, and his photographic language has become a mode of communication and expression and a way for him to structure his personal memories. Nadav is a humble photographer who asks nothing of his subjects except their presence and existence. He doesn’t demand a look, a smile, a hug or any alteration. Nadav lets reality wash over him and accepts it, exploring it through time and space. Through his gaze, which is free of any expectations or criticism, he searches for truth – his truth.

Sigal Buhbut, Phototherapist

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