One Hundred Years of Photography in Tamra, 1920-2020

100 years… Yes, 100 years of history, from 1920 (when the oldest photo of the people of Tamra was taken) till now…
100 years of memories, of small slices of life. Most of them were captured on the small cameras of a researcher or photographer who took an interest in the people they met and photographed them, leaving them a copy of the photo to keep in their closet.
The photos were unearthed by artist Salam Munir Diab, who dreamt of the project for many years and went from house to house and from family to family. They were collected into a book that became a tapestry of memories, stories which reveal themselves to the audience and charm them with their nostalgia.
This project is an important landmark in the history of the Palestinian people, establishing their kinship to this land and preserving their cultural heritage. It is also a basis upon which every Arab village and community may build its own archive and museum.
The book which accompanies this exhibition was published by the Sheikh Zaki Diab Community Center in Tamra, in collaboration with the Ibdaa Association of Arab Plastic Artists and with aid from the Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, the Tamra municipality and supporters of the local culture in Tamra.

Originator and Curator:
Salam Munir Diab

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