Passages as Frame Shifts | Anat Icar Shoham

Passages as Frame Shifts reflect a personal journey characterized by uncertainty Anat Icar Shoham went through after the first lockdown of the pandemic. Icar Shoham photographed underground water passages in conflict zones and experienced a frameshift of familiar landscapes. With the inverted images surfaced a strong emotional correlation to Icar Shoham’s shifted perspective of the strange unfolding events. The negatives resemble giant screens placed in enclosed spaces embedded in a strange and alienated landscape. The passages are laminal zones, in-between places for self-reflection, and the inverting process is an intermediate phase between the object and its representation in a photograph. The coordinates indicated in the title of each photograph generate a sense of mystery on the one hand, and a political interpretation on the other. The ambiguous space is not initially recognized as a site for the passage of water, a metaphor for a basic element to sustain life, rather it allows us to question whether unfolding changes can ever revert to conditions past.

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