PHOTO IS:RAEL’s Photographer Community 2021 Exhibition

The camera is a tool for the aesthetic exploration of reality and allows the photographer to express the beauty seen in a myriad of phenomena. The beauty ideal in photography is a subjective artistic notion that exists in the photographer’s mind and the way they perceive the world through the camera lens.
“It is no accident that the photographer becomes a photographer,” wrote Dorothea Lang. Member of PHOTO IS:RAEL’s photographer community live and breath photography. They talk about it and study the language of photography with leading artists and photographers in order to deepen their understanding of the photographic world and its vocabulary in a warm, affirming environment. The group meets regularly to share their work, engage in lively discourse and visit various photography exhibitions. These meetings are a gateway to an enriching study of many topics such as technique, materials, creative processes, planning a photographic project and the means of expressing emotions, thoughts and opinions.
This exhibition presents the varied creations and unique points of view of each member of PHOTO IS:RAEL’s photographer community. In addition to the annual program, members of the community also take part in PHOTO IS:RAEL’s social outreach through the language of photography, whose participants come from marginalized communities across Israel. The program fosters social dialogue and a bridge between these communities and the rest of the Israeli public.

PHOTO IS:RAEL’s Photographer Community brings together professional photographers and photography enthusiasts who are searching for inspiration and deeper learning. Members of the community meet regularly every month to talk about photography, meet with leading Israeli artists and attend museum and gallery tours that provide an in-depth look at the local photography field.
Throughout the year, members present their works to the community during their monthly meetings and receive professional feedback in a supportive environment, allowing them to further their personal creative process. The highlight of the year is the International Photography Festival, where members of the community showcase their work to thousands of visitors, achieving significant exposure.

Top photo: Sharon Gil

Kineret Palti

Limor Cohen (Curator: Sagit Zluf Namir), Drorit Chechik, Ido Halevy, Varda Carmeli, Yafa Kfir-Simone, Datia Ben Dor, Ronit Shpiro, Sharon Gil, Jacques Feldfeber, SIMONE SPAK SAFRAN, Tali Nevo, Naama Shahar, Chaim Berman, Yafit Pluznik, Jacqueline Telem, Shira Mushkin

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