Remain | Jafra Abu Zoulouf

Remain comprises photography and video works extending from Abu Zoulouf’s ongoing interest in local historiography from her personal perspective. Her works depict remains of abandoned buildings in the Wadi Salib neighborhood in Haifa, which act as an urban symbol of the expulsion of palestinian residents from the city in 1948. Focusing on details such as cracks, layers of paint, and weeds, Abu Zoulouf recontextualizes these elements presenting them in her work as magnificent relics. Actions reminiscent of those performed by archeologists are present as well, some carrying a political message, particularly the act of collecting, since the Za’atar and Akkoub plants are inherent in Palestinian culture and cuisine. Abu Zoulouf’s collecting and documenting actions constitute mechanisms of presence in the face of ongoing phenomena concerning the erasure of Palestinian history and culture in Haifa and beyond.


  1. Farz فَرْز ,2021, video, 34:00 mins. 

(Farz فَرْز ; Separating it from the rest, Distinguish it from the rest by evaluating it.

”Sorting wheat from hay – sorting gold from lead”)


  1. Talqit تلقيط ,2021, video, 2:42 mins. 

(Gleaning; picking, collecting, stacking. The person gleaned the object off the ground: he took it from the ground without an effort. Picking up and collecting stones and gravel.) 

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