Rina Stern | The Rina Show

2020- 2021

Human existence often feels like an illusion, especially when one loses control.
Rina Stern’s works touch on those moments, occurrences silenced in a vain attempt to prevent them from taking place.
How does one talk about disease? Perhaps in the same way one discusses recovery?
In the past year, Stern has continued her years-long exploration of self-portraiture, this time with the aid of her life partner as she was diagnosed and recovered from cancer.
In her work, Stern is both the photographer and the subject, as her worn and tormented body becomes a tool for the expression of feelings which cannot be put into words. It is placed among vivid patches of color and artificial landscapes which emphasize the transience of the moment and the illusion that may break at any time.
Stern’s absurd scenes echo the self-confinement of the living body, which seeks to free itself but fails in its efforts to do so. In those moments, the body is once more vital and enabling, and it is immortalized in the photograph as future proof of the recovery process and the photographer’s ability to regain control of her life.

Rina Stern

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