Sagit Zluf Namir | “HaMerhav” Art and Photography Annual Graduate Exhibition

This exhibition offers a look at selected works created over the past academic year in courses offered at “HaMerhav” Art and Photography.

The works showcase rich and varied viewpoints and touch on questions of representation, identity and gender, examining them through each photographer’s personal point of view as well as the social and cultural context in which they operate.

The medium of photography has always been in flux, undergoing changes that affect the way we perceive photography, and accordingly use it to react to the world around us. The relationship and power balance between the photographer, their subjects and their audience are dynamic and ever-changing, especially in the age of “social wokeness” in which we are expected to re-examine our assumptions about reality, society and culture.

Each participant worked on a personal project related to a wider cultural context, which then grew into a body of work with a rich, coherent visual language. Works from these projects were selected for this exhibition, suggesting a new possible context which may offer a surprising reading of the works and often sheds new light on the creator’s own stance.

At the picture above:
Shunit Flako-Zaritsky.

Sagit Zluf Namir / October 2021

Yasmin berda peer, Gilad sax, Avriela Amit, Tali nachshon dag, Dana goor keren, Debbie Morag, Natalie Schomer Mizrahi, Tamar benin, Efrat Arnon Barzilai, Enas Nashif, Galit Rahamim, Liat Shalit, Linn merman, Noam Ben Gurion Mosseri, Raya altman, Rbecca Saporta ,Rona Zehavi, Shoshana traube, Shunit Flako-Zaritsky, Sigal Talmor, Tal Nahoum, Liz Kadar. At the picture above: Shunit Flako-Zaritsky. At the pictures below: Efrat Arnon Barzilai, Yasmin berda peer, Tamar Benin, Tali nachshon dag, Shunit Flako-Zaritsky, Shoshana Traube, Natalie Schomer Mizrahi

Sagit Zluf Namir

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