The Series

The narrative, visual and conceptual starting point for each series was a single photograph from the past.
The viewer is unaware of the initial image that served as a sketch, and set the creative process in motion.
The participants took inspiration from within themselves and translated this inspiration into a viewing of the subject from a different place and time. The collection of series we present this year is diverse. Yet at the same time, it constitutes a gathering of directions of thought, observation and expression through which a connecting human thread runs.




Yehoshua Raveh, Ilana Harel, Eytan Handel, Hillel Zauber, Cila Albinetzer, Gafni shlain, Rina Maisey, Rony Gilboa, Arbel Jacob, Shlomo Shenhar, noga tsfati, Gil Ben Hador, Micky Hirschfeld, Eve Tal, Abraham Janovski, Alice Aviram, Beny Parnes, Rafi Rubin, Moti Friedman, Etzik Freilich, Hanna Liebreich, Avi Ilan, MOSHE DANGOOR, Talma Chajuss.

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