“Through Other Eyes” photography program

This exhibition features works which reference Da Vinci’s famous “Last Supper”. Unlike the many other works of art inspired by this image, this time the work is examined in a different way, as a sensorial experience. In this iteration, the image becomes a place in which traditional Arab food is placed alongside traditional Jewish dishes from a variety of places as well as an assortment of junk food, as they all come together to form one large supper table in which cultures and flavors come together while each retains its own unique identity. This gastronomic meeting point creates something new and shared that questions old assumptions and narratives that may no longer be relevant to our times, when teenagers would choose hamburgers and pizza over anything else.

The local and international events of the past year raised many questions. Meeting again after the crisis in May required courage, open-mindedness and honesty alongside a willingness not to let the inciting anger from outside into our inner circle. The group realized that it had to find a way to confront difficulties and disagreements, and to reexamine and discuss the dilemmas of our joint Israeli society together.

“Through Other Eyes” is a photography program for Arab and Jewish youth that was developed in Givat Haviva at the Collaborative Art Center in 2000, nearly 22 years ago. Since then, high-school aged students meet every year for an annual program in which they learn the language of photography, as well as how to see the other side with new eyes, discovering their similarities and the fact that, at the end of the day, they all share the experiences of youth. At the same time, they know they are the future of this country and that if they so choose, they could be the leaders of tomorrow.

Anat Lidror, Chief Curator, The Givat Haviva Art Gallery

Developers, Instructors and Program Partners:
Etti Amram,Rauf Abu Faneh, Tamar Shalit Avni, Rama Yazme, Simcha Eichler, Anat Lidror, Tav Sagi, Jenan Shroof Halabi, Dana Friedlander Oren, Yara Biadsa.


Jenan Shroof Halabi and Dana Friedlander Oren

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