ZILUM BAAM and PHOTO IS:RAEL’s annual program for photography and art studies

The annual photography and art program offered jointly by ZILUM BAAM, an independent photography school in Tel Aviv, and PHOTO: ISRAEL is a unique course of study that combines the acquisition of technical abilities and advanced photography practices and the use of the photographic medium as a platform for personal expression and social involvement. During the program, the participants acquire theoretical knowledge and practical tools that enable them to develop and apply new directions of thought and creation in the space of action that moves among the artistic field, personal creation, and social documentary photography.

Moshe Kronenfeld, Anne Dubitzky, Rina Stern, Yoel zajdner "Gyozan", Tal Nussbaum Abramovitz, Yael Segall, Noga Kalinsky, Maya Lifshitz, Igal Nissim, Ramy Amira.

Davi Barell

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