Ukraine Runs Through It | Justyna Mielnikiewicz

Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022 came as a shock for Ukrainians, but not as a surprise. The countries have been at war since 2014, when Russian soldiers with no insignia annexed Crimea and took a territorial bite into Donbas. Russia has kept this regional war smoldering ever since, while incessantly directing the blame at Ukraine.

Working in Ukraine for many years, Justyna Mielnikiewicz’s long term photographic project Ukraine Runs Through It culminated in 2019 with the publication of a book that unfolds the story of post-Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine. In it, the Dnipro River serves as a metaphor of the country, and as the line of reference along which Mielnikiewicz explores history, geography, and East-West dynamics in Ukraine. In 2022, the Dnipro River became, once again, a line of defense, a “soldier” of its own kind, with an army of real soldiers at the frontlines, Information Technology specialists fighting the war against disinformation, and volunteers in the rear, doing whatever it takes to stop the aggression.


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