PHOTO: Vision Portraits

Vision Portraits: Lecture and Screening of the Film Vision Portraits in Cooperation with the EPOS International Film and Arts Festival

19.11.20 Hours 20:00 - 21:00

A special event including lecture and movie screening 

“Luckily, no one is Perfect”

Adina tal is going to describe her unique journey, encapsulating both great successes and equally important her failures that taught her important lessons and promoted her much more than the successes did.

Adina is confident that socio-cultural entrepreneurship is the order of the moment and believes that we deserve to, are able to, and should change the reality in which we live.

At the end of the event, the screening will open for 24 hours

Event in collaboration with the Central Library for Blind and Visually Impaired People

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Film: Vision Portraits

Rodney Evans, an American film maker, is facing eye sight deterioration that is worsening, while courageously observing himself and other artists who have been blinded. The tragedy of those outlined by Evans’s camera is that they were not born with blindness, they lost their eyesight due to a disease that developed in their body. However, there is nothing tragic about this film. None of the characters whose stories are told wallow in self-pity and they seem to never concern themselves with the “why me of all people” question. They certainly do think about what can be done to deal with this obstacle, which is enormous, that life laid at their doorstep. Evans tells that at first, he did not plan to include his own story in the film, but that during the process of working on the it, he realised that, as a person who is losing his eyesight, he must seek the help of other people, especially visual art creators, to look for answers about how to cope. He brins the stories of a photographer, a dancer, and a writer, and in-between, he also weaves the story of the film director who is him. Along with them, he gropes for the right path that will allow him creation and self-expression. Blindness may be a part of his life, but he is certainly not going to stop living it.

lecturer : Adina Tal

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