Photo: Alejandra Carles Tolra

Gallery Talks

Gallery Talk with curators Guy Raz & Noa Sadka at Photography Pioneers exhibition space
Saturday, 30/11/19, 12:00

Gallery talk with Jan Brykczynski (Poland) at the exhibition space
Saturday, 30/11/19, 13:00

Gallery talk with Marc Ohrem-Leclef (Germany-USA) at the 2018 Meitar Award winner Exhibition space
Sunday, 1/12/19, 20:00

Gallery talk with Robert Rutöd (Austria) at the Exhibition space
Monday, 2/12/19, 18:00

Gallery talk with exhibiting artists at the exhibition Standard Deviation and Curator Sagit Zaluf Namir the Exhibition space
Wednesday, 4/12/19, 18:00

Gallery Talk with Mirjam Stenevik (Norway)
Wednesday, 4/12/19, 20:30

Gallery Talk with Bezalel graduates (Israel)
Thursday, 5/12/19, 18:00

Gallery talk with video art artists: Shir Handelsman, Dafna Tal and head curator Maya Anner at the main exhibition space
Friday, 6/12/19, 11:00

Gallery talk with Txema Salvans (spain)
Friday, 29/11/19, 13:00

Galley talk with Alex Landsberg and curator Daria Kaufmann
Saturday, 7/12/19, 10:30

Gallery talk withhead curator Maya Anner at the main exhibition space
Saturday, 7/12/19, 17:00

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