NOVOGEN: The Invisible Workers of Big Pharma – Humankind and Nature, and the Capitalist Concept of Workforce

16.11.20 Hours 20:30 - 21:30

The lecture focuses on Dániel Szalai’s work ‘Novogen’, a special breed of commercial layer, the Novogen White Light chicken, genetically engineered by the French company, Novogen, to lay eggs of the highest possible quality. When raised and kept under rigid hygiene and biosecurity controls – in completely isolated sheds with filtered air under positive pressure, and maintained on a special diet – Novogen White hens lay so-called SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) eggs. Free of agents, these eggs are suitable substrates for human and veterinary vaccine production, as well as for pharmaceutical research and development activities. Considering Novogen hens and their role in the pharmaceutical industry, Szalai’s work imposes vital questions and dilemmas about technology and mankind’s relation to nature.
The exhibition of the project was realized with the support of the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center Budapest and the Embassy of Hungary.

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lecturer : Dániel SZALAI and Capa Center’s curator, Emese Mucsi

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