Photography Never Dies | An Alternative History of Photography

7.12.2019 Hours 11:00 - 12:00

A presentation of the history of photography as reinterpreted by a group of contemporary artists and curators.
Selected and curated by Krzysztof Candrowicz, Poland.

Photography Never Dies is a project dedicated to photography and its history. It is not an encyclopedic or historical study but rather a metaphorical, illustrated story about the photographic medium. The exhibition and its accompanying book consist of photographic icons from the last 177 years, as well as archive photographs and contemporary amateur snapshots from social media. Next to works of renowned artists and curators such as Erik Kessels, Catherine Balet, Francesca Seravalle and Volker Hinz, we can discover unknown images from private collections. Despite the death of photography as we know it, the idea of preserving reality in still images has survived and is flourishing more strongly than ever. Technology may change, but photography will never die.

The book and exhibition were part of the 2016 European Capital of Culture events in Wroclaw.

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