The Yossi Beinart Photography Marathon

Tel Aviv joins the rest of the world’s capitals in a unique celebration of prize-winning photography challenges. The 2017 Photography Marathon was held throughout Tel Aviv-Jaffa with the participation of hundreds of photographers who will document the vibrant city on a fascinating four-hour journey. The pictures taken during the marathon will be displayed at a huge exhibition in February 2018 at a special gallery in the Dizengoff Center complex. Marathon participants, whether smartphones or professional cameras, received six secret photography challenges to find a local and unique story, to interest, to rejuvenate and renew through the camera lens and in a limited time. At the end of the marathon, the participants anonymously uploaded one picture to each of the challenges. The photos were passed to the jury, who rated the winning pictures and gave prizes to the outstanding photographers.

Coming soon PHOTO IS: MARATHON 2018