PHOTO IS:RAEL is a non-profit public benefit company. Founded in 2012, we work to fulfill our
goal of a “better society through the language of photography” by promoting social outreach and dialogue between art and various communities across Israel. Since its formation, the company
has offered platforms for exhibition and research and has spotlighted artistic and social topics
through the language of photography.
We believe photography is a universal language that transcends cultural and gendered boundaries and is understandable to all. It is a language which bridges the gap between the central and the marginal and between disenfranchised communities and the public at large.

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The Meitar Fund
The Zvi and Ofra Meitar Family Fund sponsors a wide range of bodies and activities pertaining to education and culture in Israel and overseas. The Fund was established by Zvi Meitar in 2004 with the aim of supporting young people outstanding in their field and promoting selected projects. While the headline “Education and Culture” is wide-ranging, the people and projects we have chosen to support so far, as indicated by our website, create a colorful and varied mosaic.

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Meitar Collection
The Meitar Collection is a private archive that preserves and catalogs photographs in order to present and place them at the disposal of museums, publications, and producers.The archive was established by Zvi Meitar, who began to collect photographs prompted by his interest in the history of the Land of Israel and it contains more than 150,000 negatives. Photographers from the archive include Boris Carmi, Beno Rothenberg, and Moshe Levine.

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